What can Quipura do for you?


Allow clients and administrators to create, edit, and delete equipment and space reservations quickly and easily.

Account Balance

Track charges and deposits on user accounts through the client interface or admin controls.


Schedule trainings on the admin side and allow users to enroll via their account.


Establish certification levels and update user certifications to control what equipment they may reserve.


The story of Quipura
Easily integrated into WordPress sites.

Inspired by the innovative facility they worked in throughout their undergraduate careers at the University of Maine, Nicolette Hashey and James LeVasseur have created a resource allocation system to streamline equipment rental and use at the Innovation, Media, Research, and Commercialization (IMRC) Center and beyond. Through a custom-designed, modular WordPress plugin, the Quipura system provides an easily implementable structure that may be integrated into an existing WordPress website or hosted on a website of its own. The system currently handles equipment and space reservation, training and certification tracking, and account fund management. The Quipura system has broad market appeal, from makerspaces looking to organize and track their cutting edge prototyping technologies, to hospitals where it is essential equipment use be strictly regulated. A live prototype of the Quipura system is currently showcased at the IMRC Center to be utilized and evaluated by students, faculty, and community members.

Our Team

Small but mighty.
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Project Manager
My fascination with technology is accompanied by a passion for entrepreneurship. I like to say that I have a “creatively analytical” mind.
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James Levasseur

Lead Developer
I like working with people to solve problems with my software development knowledge.


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