4/11/2016 Milestone Review

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Opening statement: While the IMRC Center houses a lot of useful cutting edge technologies, the current internal systems do not allow them to be used to their fullest potential.

Meeting with Sean & Gene:

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Student Testing Comments:

  • clear indication of sorting functionality on reservations page (misunderstood breadcrumb buttons)
  • text-field for search
  • some indication of what equipment is to be taken out of the building and what is for in-house use only (equipment room vs. fab labs equipment)
  • simplicity of Account Balance page works well
  • colors stress Eric out
    • blue in icons on certifications page is a nice accent
    • change “Existing Reservations” title box color
  • certifications page makes it clear what certifications a user has
  • add contact info/link to FAQ page for additional questions


-iPad System


  • Key creation for admin approval bypass
  • Pricing section
  • Finished styling
  • Went through all CSS to ensure consistency



Student Freelance/Internships/Who even knows anymore:

-Interviewed Chuck Carter (has a need for several 3D modelers for the summer if anyone’s interested)

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.44.56 PM

-Compiled internship information (waiting for response from programming faculty @jon)

-Waiting to get into UMaineNewMedia.org @jon

Closing Statement: By initially focusing on refining internal systems, with input from stakeholders, we hope to streamline the business membership and student freelance programs in the future.